How to create an online video from scratch

  1. Introduction

  2. Planning and Pre-production

  3. Designing a web poster

  4. Production and post production


This project is about creating a digital video clip (Web Video Advert) for School of Computing, Math’s and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

The video clip is 60 seconds long and explains the advantages of enrolling to study Computing at MMU.

The project consist of three stages:

  • Planning and Pre-production: Creating storyboard, estimate the budget, workflow, explaining technical terms such as bitrate and bandwidth, target audience and delivery platforms.
  • Designing a web poster: A web poster that explains why students should study at MMU.
  • Production and Post-production: Produce and publish a web video clip “Continue reading

Live Ajax Search

How to Create a Live Search With Ajax and jQuery

“A Live Search With Ajax and jQuery” is an interactive live search which I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and JSON to develop the project. It takes the data from a JSON file, which technically could be a XML , TXT and … file. It is a cross platform project which works on all major browsers.

If you wish to see ‘A Live Search With Ajax and JavaScript’ demo click here

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Java tutorials

Playing With Text, Java Applet

“Play­ing With Text, Java Applet” is an Java Applet pro­ject that I have done for my pro­gram­ming sub­ject in first year of my study. The “Play­ing With Text, Java Applet” pro­ject let the user to enter a text and it will draw the text in dif­fer­ent man­ners such as diag­on­ally, around a circle, around a square and even there is an abil­ity to make the text animated.

To see the “Play­ing With Text, Java Applet” demo click here

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Java Tutorials

How To Count Words and Characters In a Text In Java

“How To Count Words and Characters In a Text In Java” is a program that takes a file (typically .txt) and shows how many words and characters there are in the given file. It also provide a grade for the text which is based on the mean of words length. If the result of dividing number of characters by number of words gets greater than 6 the grade is “First” otherwise is “Second Upper”.

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